Why Fencing?

The sport of fencing is a uniquely classic sport. It has history, drama, romance, style, art, plus all the advantages of an active physically demanding sport. Mentally it is mind consuming, allowing not a moment’s break. Fencing develops discipline, balance, coordination, and sportsmanship. Fencing helps one develop quicker reflexes and the ability to make lightning fast analyses of tactical situations.

Since the first national youth tournament held in 1985, the youth of America have changed the face of American Fencing. College coaches are now recruiting American fencers with years of experience as opposed to scouting the freshman class during registration. In fact, 70 colleges–and 80% of Ivy League colleges–have NCAA fencing programs, and many offer scholarships for fencing.

Fencing is a great way to be with friends and learn a new sport that is as old as history itself and changing every day. Whether your goal is to relax with a friendly bout or develop skills to excel in world competition, fencing has it all.