What We Do

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that participating in an athletic program such as fencing can transform a child, giving them experiences and skills that can help make them more successful in life. By focusing on the sport of fencing as a strategy for youth development and social change, the Foundation seeks to provide youth with the opportunity to develop character, achieve academic success, and build skills that will enable them to become successful adults.

We work with partner organizations locally and broadly to accomplish this goal in two program areas. Our High School Team Development Program works with high schools in Tippecanoe County to organize and train fencing teams for interscholastic competition. Our Fencing Coach Development Program works with accrediting agencies to train and certify qualified fencing coaches for all of our programs.


Where We Work

Our geographic focus is in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, establishing programs and training fencers within our local area. However, since our High School Team Development Program involves competition with other high school teams and community fencing clubs in Indiana, and some throughout the Midwest, the impact of our work reaches farther than our backyard.