About TGFF


The Tria Gladius Fencing Foundation is an Indiana not-for-profit organization [pending 501(c)(3)] that supports the growth of youth fencing through scholarship and outreach programs, the development of coaching and teaching skills, and the expansion and improvement of fencing club facilities. The foundation and its programs were developed to introduce and educate children and adults to the sport of fencing and its associated life skills in order to build character and leaders for the community as well as to develop strong national and international level fencers.

Discover Fencing! Fencing is a great way to be with friends and learn a new sport that is as old as history itself and changing every day. Whether your goal is to relax with a friendly bout, or develop skills to excel in world competition, fencing has it all.


Our Purpose:

  • To provide people of all ages with the opportunity to study and practice fencing.
  • To encourage recreational fencing and provide training for serious competitors.
  • To expand the field of knowledgeable coaches, instructors, and referees.
  • To lower the financial threshold that precludes individuals from trying and learning about the sport of fencing.
  • To raise the awareness of the sport of fencing by introducing other blade sports and traditions from history and other cultures.
  • To improve the availability of equipment and gear for the sport of fencing.
  • To strengthen the fencing community through partnerships, communication tools, and networking events.
  • To encourage innovation and research in the technological development of the sport (scoring equipment, wireless electric fencing, tournament software, portable strips, etc.) through grants, grant writing, proposal writing for angel investors or crowdfunding efforts, etc.


What does “Tria Gladius” mean?
Our foundation name comes from Latin. The word “tria” means three, and the word “gladius” means sword. The modern sport of fencing uses three types of weapons: Foil, Épée and Sabre. In our efforts to fully support youth development programs utilizing the sport of fencing, we offer and support projects and programs that utilize all three weapons in training and competition.