I hope that you (HHS fencers) have been following the 2013 World Fencing Championships in Budapest. If not, many of the bouts will soon be available on YouTube. I was not able to find many that were ready for viewing yet, and unfortunately my cable service provider did not show the television broadcasts of the event. (Grrrr….) But we’ll just have to be patient.

So the headlines are hard to avoid: Miles Chamley-Watson won gold in Men’s Foil, the first U.S. man to win an Individual Senior World Fencing Championship title. Miles, if you’re reading this… Congratulations!! We’re proud of you and your accomplishments, and for setting the bar high for American fencers. There is a short highlight video clip so that you can see the winning touch. For the upcoming videos, go to YouTube and do a search for the World Fencing Championships.

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