Lately we’ve been working on a series of offensive moves, prise de fer or transfers, seizing the opponent’s blade and progressively controlling it until completion (arriving at the target). To reinforce all of this, here is a very instructive video that covers:

  • opposition – lateral transfer straight to target
  • liement – diagonal bind
  • croisé – semi-circular bind staying on the same vertical side of the body
  • envelopment – circular transfer

This does not cover all of the types of movements that “take the blade” but rather gives you a foundation from which to work. One could argue that these type of offensive maneuvers are more applicable to épée than the other two weapons. Maybe so, but my job as your coach and instructor is to arm you with as many “weapons” and tools so that you have a deep and powerful arsenal from which you can draw.

We will continue to work on these types of attacks over the next few practices. As always, if you have any questions just let me know.

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