Our mission is to: use fencing and the power of camaraderie to provide underserved youth with opportunities to play, learn, and grow, inspiring them to recognize their potential and realize their dreams.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that participating in an athletic program such as fencing can transform a child, giving them experiences and skills that can help make them more successful in life.

Beyond the Blade: Real Life Benefits of Fencing at All Ages

To help realize this ideal, we support fencing programs serving kids around the Midwest through our programs and matching grants for fencing equipment. Competition and scoring equipment for fencing inspire kids to practice more, stay involved with their training programs, and reap the many life benefits that this exposure brings. Clubs and instructors benefit not only from excited, engaged kids, but also through gear and equipment that is current and safe, improving both the learning experience and the competitive experience for their students. Public schools, nonprofit clubs, and community programs are just some of our partners.

Duke Basketball Meets Duke Fencing

Is fencing for everyone? Well, I think that is for each individual to decide for themselves. But I know that everyone can learn how to fence, even basketball players, and everyone can gain something from learning the sport. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not...

Fencing and the Universe

Surfing the Internet isn’t always the most productive pastime, but once in a while it does pay off. I ran across another blog of a fencer, Jacqueline Kory, who is a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab in the Personal Robots Group. Her research focuses on...

Help Shape a Child's Future

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